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Office Setup: - Enter your product key

If you are searching for a comprehensive office suite but haven’t decided what to choose? You can stop your search now. Microsoft Office is the only office suite you’ll ever need to manage your official and unofficial documents. Visit today and follow this guide to download, install, and activate Microsoft Office by yourself.

Prerequisite for using Microsoft office

Microsoft Office works best on systems that carry modern-day hardware components plus the latest operating systems. For a more detailed overview of the prerequisites, check out the list given below.

1.    Windows 7 or later.

2.    1 GHz or faster processor.

3.    1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit).

4.     16 GB HDD space.

5.     DirectX 9 with WDDM driver.

6.    An active Microsoft account.

7.    High-speed internet connection.

How to create a Microsoft Office account?

To start, you can sign in to your Microsoft account and download Microsoft Office directly. However, if you don’t have a Microsoft account, you cannot download Office on your device. To create your account, follow the instructions given below.

1.    Open Google Chrome or Safari browser on your Windows and Mac devices.

2.    In the search bar, type Microsoft login portal or enter

3.    Once you are on the Microsoft webpage, click on Sign In Or Create a new account.

4.    Enter your email ID.

5.    If you want to sign up for your phone number instead, click Use a phone number instead.

6.    To create an email account with Microsoft, click Get a new email address.

7.    Click Next.

8.    Create a password.

9.    Click Next.

10.  Go back to your email’s inbox folder and verify your account by clicking on the link sent by Microsoft.

How to uninstall Microsoft office?

If this is your first time installing Microsoft Office, you don’t need to follow this part. However, if you’ve previously installed Office on your computer, you need to remove that version and install a fresh copy from To start the uninstallation process, follow the steps given below.

Uninstall from Windows

1.    Open Control Panel on your computer.

2.    Click Programs > Programs and Features.

3.    Select Microsoft Office from the application list and click Uninstall/Remove.

4.    Follow the on-screen instruction to remove all the files and settings.

5.    Once uninstalled, restart your computer for the new settings to take effect.

Uninstall from Mac

1.    Open Finder on your Mac computer.

2.    Drag all the Microsoft office files and applications to Trash.

3.    Enter your mac administrator ID and password when asked.

4.    To delete the app entirely from your computer, select Finder > Empty Trash.

5.    Once uninstalled, restart your Mac for the new settings to take effect.

Where is my Microsoft Office product key?

Your Microsoft Office product key helps you to activate your product. It is a collection of 25-digit alphanumeric code which helps Microsoft distinguish products from different users. If you’ve purchased your product from the Microsoft website or retail(offline ) store, you can follow the methods given below for retrieving your product key.

Offline method

Many retail shops sell Microsoft Office as offline products. These products are often sold as CDs and DVDs to people who wish to install Microsoft Office without downloading it. If you’ve purchased your copy of Microsoft Office from such a store, then your product key will be there inside the package. If you cannot find the key inside the packet, contact the retail store for the activation card.

Online method

Suppose you’ve purchased Microsoft offline from online marketplaces or the official Microsoft website. In that case, your product key will most probably be there inside the email address you used during the checkout process. If you cannot mail the mail inside your email’s inbox, check inside your spam folder or promotion folders. If you still cannot find the code, contact your seller.

How to download Microsoft Office?

Downloading Microsoft Office is super easy, and it only takes a few minutes to download the setup file on your system. If your PC meets the minimum system requirements, you can follow the steps given below for downloading Microsoft Office on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Download for Windows and Mac

1.    Open Google Chrome, Safari browser on your respected systems.

2.    In the search bar/URL bar, type

3.    Click Sign In and enter your registered email address and password in the given fields.

4.    Click Sign In.

5.    Once you are in your user account, navigate to Microsoft Office.

6.    Click Buy/Purchase.

7.    Select the Office version and complete the payment.

8.    Click on Download and save the setup file on your system.

9.    Once downloaded, proceed to the next step.

Download for Android

1.    Open Google Play Store and search for Microsoft Office.

2.    Tap on the Microsoft icon to open the Office app overview.

3.    Tap on the green Install button to download the application on your device.

4.    Once downloaded, close Google Play Store and proceed with the next step.

Download for iOS

1.    Open Apple Apple Store and search for Microsoft Office.

2.    Tap on the app to open the app overview.

3.    Tap Get.

4.    Enter your iOS administrator ID and password.

5.    Once installed, proceed with the next step.

How to install Microsoft Office?

Once you’ve downloaded Office, you can follow this part of the guide for installing Microsoft Office on your devices. To start the process, navigate to the setup file in the download folder and follow the instructions given below.

Install on Windows

1.    Go to the Windows download folder and double-click on the setup file.

2.    Click Agree & Install to install all the necessary files and settings.

3.    Once installed, restart your computer and proceed with the next step.

Install on Mac

1.    Open the Microsoft Office installer.

2.    Enter your Mac ID and password.

3.    Click Installer Helper.

4.    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

5.    Once completed, restart your Mac computer and proceed with the next step.

Install on Android 

There is no need to install the app on Android as it automatically installs the app during the download.

Install on iOS

Like Android, there are no further steps required to install Microsoft Office on your iOS devices. During the download process, iOS automatically installs the app on your devices.

How to activate Microsoft Office?

If you’ve been keeping up with this guide so far, you’ve already downloaded and installed Microsoft Office on your devices. However, to use it, you still need to activate it using the activation code. Once you have the code with you, follow the instructions given below.

1.    Open Microsoft Office or any Office app on your device.

2.    Enter your Microsoft login credentials on the first screen.

3.    Enter your 25-digit product key and click/tap Activate.

4.    Wait for the application to verify your product key.

5.    That’s it. Microsoft is now activated and ready to use.

Frequently asked questions

What are the features of MS Office?

MS Office comes packed with features, and you can do so many things with it, like making PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word reports, and many other things. Visit to start your download.

Is Microsoft Office 2019 still supported?

Yes, Microsoft supports Office 2019 but to Windows 10 only. You have to visit the official website for previous Windows versions to learn more about your particular systems.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Office 365?

Office 365, or better known by the new name, Microsoft 365, is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. It comes with great benefits and features that you won’t find in Microsoft Office. Still, people prefer Office because of its accessibility and affordability.